Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apparently, I ONLY learn one way... the hard way!!!

I have fallen behind in my Couch to 5k training.
I had to take more than a few days off to rest after thinking that I had it all figured out!
Self-diagnosed with shin splints in my left leg I knew I had to cut back.

I thought I was in the clear after I got some great tips for taking
care of myself after my runs/workouts from Dr. Google and a chick
I have decided to call my Fairy-Running-Godmother!

A few of those tips were things like making sure I iced my legs
afterwards, took some ibuprofen and glucosamine, re-hydrated with water and Gatorade, and then also making sure I ate something like a protein bar (or something similar)
soon after I finished.

I had a SUBSTANTIALLY better time after running once I implemented
these tips and tricks. Then the pain came back even worse in that lower
part of my left leg. WTH???!!!

So, time to try something else.
I went out and bought these ($40?!) neon green compression sleeves
for my calves that made me feel like a Japanese schoolgirl...

...and when I went out to run in them I still hurt.
The Natalie from 6 months ago would've definitely given up right about then!

Next on my list was to try new shoes.
Everything I read online brought me to the conclusion that the $30 'running' shoes
I was wearing from Target were... (I'm sure you can guess!) ALL WRONG for me!

So, I went to Luke's Locker in Fort Worth and traded these (top) in for these (bottom):

                                            I felt like I had bought a brand new pair of legs!

My actual shin pain is gone now, although I still have soreness
in my calves after I run/workout. I am chalking that up to needing
to strengthen them since, hello?! that is probably why I got the shin splints to begin with!

Who knew getting in shape would require this much of a learning curve?!


  1. Found your blog on the Mama Laughlin page, love it! I'm trying to get back into blogging too. Stupid question, how do you get your myfitnesspal & instagram stuff to show up on the left? I've messed with my theme a dozen time and cant figure out how to add stuff. Thanks!

    1. Sonya, go to the top left and click Design. Then on the left choose layout. Then it will show where everything is on your blog and allow you to rearrange it/add to it etc. Click to add a gadget and then choose the HTML gadget and post your unique code from your account. :) Hope that helps!

  2. One day I will learn and I will go get fitted for proper shoes too. One day I say. :)

  3. This is one reason I haven't even began to start running. I know I have to have a proper pair of shoes and I just cannot afford them right now.

    Sorry about your legs!! That would suck!

  4. Have the same pair of changer!! :)

  5. You have been nominated for an award!