Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yes, I hibernate in the summer.

I had a lot going on this summer, it was hot, terribly hot as usual for Texas.
I vowed that this would be my last summer here, so we have been planning
a move back to my hometown of Chicago in Spring 2013.

I now have two of my four kids in school... it is liberating to say the least.
I can get soo much done with just two!!!

Needless to say I kind of took a break from my exercising and dieting regimen.
But, as you can tell... I'm ba-ack!!! More so with the exercising and just being
mindful of calorie intake, portion size etc. I am still going to use my Herbalife
supplements daily but only the shakes as a back-up.

I finally convinced my mom to do the couch to 5k with me and we just started this past week.
There is a Glow Run scheduled in November that we are going to sign up for. Figured one
in the dark would be great, so no one sees all my junk jiggling or worse yet my fat ass crawling across the finish line.

I had some issues with really bad soreness, but I think next week will be a lot better since I received some recovery tips and encouragement from an online friend who has been there, done that before.

It's going to be tough but I know it will be worth it!

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  1. I am the same! I do so much better with everything in cooler weather. So weird isn't it!?