Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Would've Thought?!

As I am getting into the second half of my first week, it is taking all the willpower I have not to jump on my scale. After having some scale drama yesterday and it trying to tell me I had GAINED 13 lbs in two days... I am staying as far away from that damn thing as I can until I pick up a new one!

Each and every day has gotten easier on Level One of The Shred. I have impressed myself every day so far. I have woken up less sore from being sore, but tight from starting to get toned. Who would've thought I would feel this great and still be just as committed and motivated as Day one?!

The Herbalife program has been so easy to follow and I haven't had any soda either, except for a Lipton Iced Tea in a can. I don't think that counts though. What amazes me, is how I thought I was sooo addicted to the caffeine and sugar in Coke, yet, I still felt like shit when I drank it, but some part of me was telling myself the headache would go away or I'd get the energy to get stuff done around the house... and that couldn't have been further from the truth.

You can see what I am eating and drinking and my exercise log at:


I am wanting to work out for more than 20 minutes, so we are joining our local Y this weekend and I am starting the Couch 2 5k on Saturday! I tried it in the past but like I said, I wasn't ready yet. Now? BRING IT ON!!!

I am taking all these vitamins and nutrition shakes and I am almost like a whole new person. I haven't had any issues with my joints AT ALL this entire week so far, even with all this hard exercise!!! Who would've thought?!

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