Saturday, November 3, 2012

Feeling good.

I really feel like I have a hold on everything in my life right now, not just my weight-loss.

Brandon and I are moving into separate apartments.
It really is for the best and we are making all of our plans together, with the kids coming first. We both, thankfully, got to a point where we knew we wanted to remain friends and decided to take the high road and put our friendship and our children first. Thank you to everyone who is also a friend on Facebook that has checked in on me during the last few weeks/months. The truth is, is that I am very lucky all-around and am looking forward to being in my own place soon.

Now that I have lost about 30 pounds and have gone down two dress sizes, people are starting to notice. Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances have taken time out of there lives to text, email and message me on Facebook to basically just tell me "Good Job". This means sooo much to me.  I also appreciate it because it helps keep me accountable.

They've also asked for advice on how I was doing it. Basically, I am watching my calories and working out. I'm going to start posting everything I eat on Instagram for the next week or so. I will tell you right now, I am busy and lazy. Seriously. I eat a lot of Smart Ones and just add fruits and veggies here and there and guzzle down between 120 - 160 ounces of water a day. It's not rocket science but it is science and takes a lot more motivation and effort than I ever could have imagined, but it's worth it!!! I promise you!!!

***If you're interested in seeing what I put in my belly (and the other randomness that is me), follow me by clicking the little camera thingamabobber to the left of this post.

Needing the confidence boost and another reason to stay on track, I have went a little (A LOT!!!) out of my comfort zone and have decided to do this "Burlesque Experience" with a new friend of mine after the New Year.  I'll be doing an entire post about that as it gets closer and I find out more details. 

For now I will leave you with a recent pic of me in my new (2 sizes down) dress.{Holla!!}


  1. Hi Natalie!
    I dropped by yesterday and I commented, but it looks like I never pressed publish. Oh my! Anyway, I'm Sarah and also from Chicago, now living in Texas. It will be 3 years in January! Can't believe that much time has passed. Anyway, it's so nice to meet another Chicagoan!


    1. Crazy blog. I have been here 7 years this past September! I still miss Chicago! :(